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Epicsports: What esports are at the Commonwealth Games?
Epicsports | Comparing Esports to Traditional Sports

Epicsports: What esports are at the Commonwealth Games?


Epic sports are the newest and most exciting addition to the Commonwealth Games, including games like League of Legends, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, DOTA 2, and more! In this article, we’ll look at what esports are at the Commonwealth Games and why they’re so popular that they were recently added to the 2022 Asian Games. I will also share some fun facts about esports games. Let’s start with a definition of esports as well as an example of how they relate to other types of sports such as basketball or hockey.

Introduction to Esports

Electronic sports, also known as Esports, is a form of competition involving video games. They tend to take the form of organized, multi-player competitions between professional players. The most common video game genres in esports are real-time strategy, first-person shooter (FPS), and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA).

The International Olympic Committee's stance on gaming

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been tight-lipped about the inclusion of gaming at the Commonwealth Games. However, many athletes and spectators alike are in support of its introduction. So, what exactly are esports? And could we see them make an appearance at future Olympic Games? Esports is a form of competitive video game playing that includes genres such as fighting games, multiplayer online battle arena games, first-person shooters, and real time strategy games. Esports is also often viewed as entertainment rather than a sport due to its non-physical nature and passive viewing experience compared to traditional sports. Despite this difference, there is evidence to suggest that competitive gaming has tangible benefits for both mental and physical health. A study from Glasgow Caledonian University showed that those who play competitively live longer with higher levels of self-esteem and social functioning than those who don't compete on video games or participate in other physical activities such as walking or running.

Sports Played in Esports

Athletes competing in esports at the Commonwealth Games will do so in a number of different games. Some of these games, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends, are played professionally all over the world. Others, like Halo 5: Guardians and Splatoon 2, are more popular in certain regions. All of these games require split-second reflexes and teamwork to win.