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Epicsports : Tips to Improve Your Basketball Skills
Tips to Improve Your Basketball Skills

Tips to Improve Your Basketball Skills


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, played by almost every kid at some point in their life whether they are good or not. But some people don’t just play basketball – they play to win and compete, pushing themselves beyond what many others have done before them and winning championships along the way. If you’re looking to improve your basketball skills, or even if you just want to learn how the pros do it, here are 8 tips to improve your game like never before.


How to master layups

1. A layup is one of the most basic and essential shots in basketball, so nailing this move is crucial if you want to up your game.

2. To execute a layup properly, approach the basket at a 45-degree angle and jump off your inside foot.

3. As you take off, extend your arm and snap your wrists to release the ball.

4. The ball should kiss the backboard before going through the hoop.

5. While layups are relatively easy shots, they can be tough to master if you don't practice regularly.

6. Get in plenty of reps by shooting 100 layups every day.

How to make free throws

The adrenaline rush, the crowd going wild—it's an epic moment. But if you're not nailing your free throws, you're not giving yourself a chance to experience that glory. Check these tips.

1) Shoot 20 shots per day.

2) Never touch the ball when shooting; use your non-shooting hand for balance and follow through with it at the end of each shot.

3) Keep your shooting arm at shoulder height and always follow through with it after releasing the ball (even though it will never hit anything).

4) Keep your wrist firm so that there is no space between your palm and the back of your fingers when you shoot.

5) Do not bounce or spin a basketball before shooting; if it does move, tap it until its still.

6) Make sure both feet are on the ground when taking a shot.

7) Bounce one ball off another instead of tossing it from hand to hand; this will improve grip and coordination while practicing dribbling skills simultaneously.